How To Choose Your Blog’s Niche And Focus, office flat lay

How To Choose Your Blog’s Niche and Focus



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One of the most important steps in starting a blog is to choose your blog’s niche. When it comes to choosing a niche, you’ll want to consider a few things. This will be something that you work on regularly, therefore, your blog must pertain to a niche that you’re passionate about. Being able to pinpoint the direction of your blog will help you be more successful in the blogging community.


Pick a Fun Topic

You’ll need to be passionate about your blog’s niche, this means you need to pick a fun topic or topics. Think about topics you’re knowledgeable about, and enjoy sharing with others. This could be lifestyle, art, sports, or any other niche that makes you feel excited to get up and write about every day.


Search The Niche
Now that you’ve narrowed down your blog’s niche, it’s important to check Google Trends to see if this is a profitable industry. View the graph that Google Trends show for your niche, making sure that the graph is stable or increasing without dipping too low. This means your niche will be popular.


Market Research
Now that you’ve looked to make sure your blog’s focus will work for stable traffic and engagement, you’ll want to do some market research. Head over to Google Search and type in your blog’s niche. See what terms come up as well as products to get some ideas on what direction you’ll go with your blog.


Consider Your Goals
You’ll need to clarify your goals of blogging. Determine if you’re hoping to make money with your blog or keep it a hobby blog. If you’re looking to make money blogging, then check affiliate programs for your niche to make sure you can promote products to earn money with your blog.


Brainstorm Ideas
Now that you’ve narrowed down your blog’s niche to a specific focus, it’s time to brainstorm some ideas. Go to a domain selling site to see if any domains are open for your niche. This step may require some adjustments to your blog name if the domain isn’t available, for instance.


Ask Friends
Now that you’ve taken the time to think about your blog’s niche and focus, it’s time to ask your friends. Reach out to your social media connections to see if anyone has more ideas on what your focus could be. This is the perfect way to see what others may read, therefore help you solidify your niche.

How To Choose Your Blog’s Niche And Focus, office flat lay

Starting a blog is a big step. You’ll have to purchase a domain and hosting account after you’ve determined your blog’s niche and focus. From there, you’ll need to pick a theme, build a brand with specific colors and fonts that suit your desires. In addition to these steps, you’ll need to develop a blog content calendar to create blog content regularly. If you’re ready to start a blog then I hope these tips to choose your blog’s niche and focus will help you dive right in. Check back over the next few weeks with more posts on how to achieve all of the above.

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How To Choose Your Blog’s Niche And Focus, office flat lay