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How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas



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Seriously, every once in a while I myself and even the best bloggers in the business have issues generating blog post ideas that our audience will love. When this problems arrises you can spend days sat there staring at your screen wondering what to wright next.

I do find blog post ideas post helpful, and have wrote one myself which you can read here, but thought today I would go in to a few details of some great ways to come up with you own blog post ideas.

Desk with keyboard and stationery

Now before we get into any further details, it is important to note that any blog post idea you’re considering should fulfil these two important criteria, regardless of your niche.


This should be a no-brainer but many… oh so many, blog content creators write and publish what they want, not minding what really appeals to their target audience. Well, we’re telling you now… you’re doing it wrong!
Before you publish that post, ask yourself “Does this blog solve a problem?”
Because why else would anyone want to read your blog if they didn’t have a problem. Even you are here because you want to know how to come up with blog posts your audience will love.
Think of yourself as not just a writer; you’re a digital marketer – only this time, you sell words not $5 bikinis.


Think of the “what’s in it for me?” principle when you create content. Believe it or not, everyone who reads your post scratches that “WIIFM” concept. For instance, anyone reading this blog post is doing it for a reason. They either want to learn how they can create blog posts their audience will love or they just want to get ideas off this article to rewrite it!
We’re looking at you bloggers!
With that said, here are simple actionable ways to come up with blog post ideas your audience will love.

Desk with keyboard and stationery


Solve a problem for your target audience.

Yes… yes, we’ve said this before! But it’s so important we have to buttress the point.
We’ve already mentioned that solving the problems your audience is struggling with, places you as a helpful and valuable resource in your industry and readers will bookmark your page or even subscribe to be notified when you post.
However, the trick is to find the problems you can solve for your target audience – and surprisingly, the answer is staring you right in the face.
Blog comments, social media replies, and emails – these are the top three places to look. Pay active attention to the feedback from your readers and you’d find their pain points.
Heck! Write a weekly FAQ if you have to.


Analyze your posts

Ever had that one post that a lot of people were liking, sharing, retweeting and stuff. For a moment, it just seemed like you were J.K Rowling. Well, think of that post as your own Harry Potter. The tricky part is figuring out why that post did so well and the rest fell short.
Oh wait, it’s not really that tricky – there’s an app for that – actually a few apps.
Two of our favorites would be Ahrefs Content Explorer and  BuzzSumo and then there’s Google analytics, which is also a super helpful tool as it holds a wealth of knowledge – if you know what to look for.
Bottom line, find the blog posts that are the most popular… the keyword is most popular… not best. Just because you like it doesn’t mean the audience does.
Whatever people are engaging with is what they want and by extension what you should post. Most gossip blogs use this to their advantage by staying on controversial topics. Their CTRs and ROIs are usually off the roof when a celebrity gets in a scandal.
Which brings us to another noteworthy concept – Find out what’s trending in your niche and jump on it!


Use headline generation tools

While there are dozens of headline generation tools out there, try not to copy these headlines exactly. Instead, use them as inspiration to come up with something even better.
A personal favorite is TweakYourBiz. This platform is super easy to use. Simply type an industry keyword into the search bar and you get hundreds of blog title options. And the best part is, they’re segmented as How-To’s, Lists, Bests, as well as Question style titles.
Tip: Do not copy the titles verbatim. Don’t be lazy… exercise your brain – plus you also risk messing with your SEO.


Use your competitors

Chances are your competitors are coming up with awesome blog post ideas and you will be wise to use them as a way to inspire your own. The word is “inspire” not copy!
BuzzSumo again, also helps you figure out what your competitor’s most popular posts are so you can use that as a source of inspiration. Add a twist to what they have or deliver the same message from a different angle – we don’t know… just go crazy.

There are of course more ways to generate blog post ideas that your audience will love but we thought we’d draw the curtain here and throw it to you. How do you generate content ideas?

xoxo  Saturday Life Girl


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