Goals For The New Year - Me wearing blue jeans with a pink

My Goals For The New Year – 2020

Goals For The New Year - Me wearing blue jeans with a pink



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Happy New Year, and a happy new decade! I feel like over the past few years I’ve not been very consistent in my online world and offline world. But for some reason have always been consistent with making a to-do list or goals list.

At first, I hadn’t planned on setting myself any New Year resolutions or goals for the year. Why? Because I’d completely failed at most of the ones, I set myself in 2019, and I was really disappointed in myself.

But having spent a lot of time thinking over Christmas, I decided that 2020 will be the year when I will focus more on myself and attempt to make the dreams and plans I’ve had since 2009 come to life. It’s time!

So if your like me and like nosing into other peoples lives continue reading to find out my goals for the new year!

Feeling Lost In The Online World - Me wearing blue jeans with a pink jumper, white sandals and a straw bag


My main goal for this year is to focus on my blog. I’ve been blogging on and off since 2013, but I have never been very regular with it. So this year I’m planning to be more consistent with my posting schedule, and make sure that I only share quality posts. I never like to set a schedule with my blog as when I do, I never seem to stick to it. But if my batch content writing goes as planned I plan to publish two posts a week.Make sure you follow me on this journey to see if I keep up with it.


Instagram is my favourite social media platform. But ever since I signed up on it, I’ve failed to be consistent. So I have resolved that one of my goals this year is to be more consistent with posting there. I will not say I’ll post every day as I don’t like to make that much of a commitment, but I will post several times a week. The second part of my Instagram goal is to have 5,000 followers by the end of the year. Probably won’t happen, but I will be spending a lot more time connecting and engaging with other Instagrammers to grow my following.

Goals For The New Year - Me wearing blue jeans with a pink

Goals For The New Year - Me wearing blue jeans with a pink


Another goal for the year is to become more fit and healthier. I’ve been working on going for walks daily and trying hit 10000 steps a day over the past year. So want to spend this year continuing that as well as eating more healthier and starting some new types of exercise.


It is all right to write because you love it? Hey, who doesn’t want to have a community of readers that can’t seem to get enough of their blog posts? So I am willing to do whatever it takes to start growing an adoring community around my work. I feel that ever since I’ve started blogging, I’ve never really been part of a community, and this is what needs to change. So I’m going to work on growing a community for my blog. Sly, one day soon I can get regular and returning visitors to my blog as well as make some online friends.

Goals For The New Year - Me wearing blue jeans with a pink


Everyone keeps saying it’s the end of YouTube, but if I ever get ahead with my blog writing, social media and life stuff. I’m going to start posting again on YouTube a few times a week.

I love hearing about other people’s goals, so let me know one of your goals for the New Year?

xoxo  Saturday Life Girl


Goals For The New Year - Me wearing blue jeans with a pink