How to achieving your goals and dreams in 4 easy steps

Having a dream, a purpose in life is so much essential in order to live fully; however, it’s also important to have a timeline for those dreams. Without any specific plan, your dreams are just your wishes which will lay hidden somewhere in the corner of your heart. To be honest, we are scared of facing our dreams and setting goals. We try to avoid scripting work or writing down our goals and creating strategic plans to achieve them. This happens because we’re not sure if we actually deserve what we desire. But it’s necessary to have a meaningful goal-setting system and a direction to make your dreams come true.

So here are some steps achieving your goals and dreams

How to achieving your goals and dreams

The goal-setting process:

1.    Figure out your ‘WHY’

The first step of starting anything in life starts with understanding the strong motive behind it. If you’re setting your goals, the first thing you should get clear about is your purpose behind having those goals.

Know the reason, the driving force behind your objectives that motivate you to work hard with total dedication in order to achieve them. Figuxre out your purpose in this step.

For example: If your goal is to start a profitable blog and earn passively from it; write down all the reasons why you want to do so. What’s your purpose behind starting this blog? It can be anything that sets your soul on fire and helps you keep going.

2.    Have a clear vision

What does this dream look like to you?

What does this business mean to you in the long run?

What does getting success add to your life?

What is your vision for your goals?

Your vision should definitely be huge enough to scare you but be realistic here.

3.    Know your mission

Your mission is not exactly the same as your vision.

Your mission is the bigger picture of your goals or the business that you’re setting up.

Let’s understand with an example – Say you wish to start a blog for mental health awareness. Your vision is to have a mental health support blog while your mission is to help people feel less alone and equip them with all the necessary information they might require.

Before starting out on slaying your goals, you need to be mindful of your mission as well as your vision.

This is what shapes your goals and helps them be come a reality.

4.    Set measurable targets + have deadlines

Now that you’ve set the goals and have a vision + mission, it’s time to have measurable targets with a strict deadline.

Always remember, if you’re a solopreneur; it would be super easy to get distracted. This is where deadlines can save the day. When you know you need to reach your target within the specified period of time, you will strive hard to accomplish your goals.

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I hope this post helps you to achieve your goals and dreams. If you have any other tips on How to achieving your goals and dreams, let me know in the comments

xoxo  Saturday Life Girl

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How to achieving your goals and dreams