things to do before graduating college

16 Things to Do Before Graduating College

This post is all about 16 things to do before graduating college.

things to do before graduating college

As a college student, you might already have an idea about the opportunities after graduation. However, while this is exciting, there are still worthwhile and beneficial things to do whilst you’re still in college. If you’re seeking just that, this article can help. In the following sections, we’d listed the ten best things to do before graduating.

This post is all about 16 things to do before graduating college

Join a Club or Organization. 

In college, joining a club or organization will help you prepare for future job roles; as such, when you graduate, you can have a simple idea and experience what it’s to be like to manage a group, become a member, command or follow actions, and many more. Apart from that, you’ll also have different connections on the campus and possibly gain friends.

Participate in School Events and Traditions. 

Participating in school events will benefit you in many ways; aside from possible extra points and credits, you’ll also experience events that you’ll always cherish for the rest of your life. Regarding college traditions, you’ll appreciate the school more when you understand and value its roots, ways, and celebrations; accordingly, it will make both your campus life and school memories more memorable.

Benefit from Student Discounts. 

A perk for not only college students but also for all in academe is the school discounts; simply put, in many products or services, there might be significant discounts, freebies, or even no cost at all. Before graduating, ask stores, sellers, and other merchants if you can get a discount; not only that you’re going to save money, but also it will teach you budgeting skills.

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Enroll in an Internship. 

Enrolling in an internship will benefit you before graduating; if you work for a company, you can build a relationship with them and possibly land a job after getting your degree. Apart from tangible value, you can also learn and prepare yourself for what it’s like to work in a real-world environment and setting.

Network with Professors and Events.

While you’re studying, connecting with other people, inside or outside campus, and professionals is ideal; it could be someone in an event, professors, or any other people around you. After graduating, you’ll thank your actions as you can have many people to ask for advice, internships, job offers, and queries; considering this, add people on social media, follow them on LinkedIn, or save them as contacts.

Join a Sports Team or Club.

If you’re not athletic or not intro games, it’s still best to consider joining a sports club or team; this way, you’ll experience more fun outside of parties, events, and other activities. While it’s excellent for your health, it’s also a great way to achieve better mental functioning and body coordination; if you’re not into challenging sports, you can join and play simpler ones like badminton, volleyball, and many more.

things to do before graduating college

Experience and Live Outside Campus. 

Living in an apartment outside school would be both fun and beneficial; since you’re not in the school’s dorms, you can do pretty much whatever you like. Aside from that, you’ll also learn the ins and outs of living independently; as such, you can practice how to budget, cook meals, clean room and things, mind bills, and enjoy a space of your own.

Go on a Road Trip. 

We all had that fantasy about going on a road trip; if you’re like that, then college is the time to achieve your dreams. Since you’re in a place with people of your age, you can invite or join them on a road trip; it could be your only chance for a long time so that it’s best to enjoy every second of it.

things to do before graduating college


You might be busy in school, but it’s no excuse not to travel; while you’re still on your prime and independent days, going from place to place would be a delight and a privilege. When you’re working, have a family, or busy doing something else in life, you’ll thank yourself for deciding to travel while you’re young.

Join the Alumni association

Probably not something you’d thought of join as everyone is on social media now, but it’s great way to keep in contact we people you went to college with and the alumni association host several networking events so you don’t have make the awaked first call or text trying to organize a meet up.

Clean up your social media accounts

Your might think your social media isn’t that important, but when you got apply for jobs in can be one the first things future employees look at, so if you have inappropriate or cringy content on there it might be best to delete or private your profiles.

Study or volunteer abroad

Not something that everyone can afford. But if given the opportunity to spend a semester studying abroad or a summer volunteer abroad program, take it as it’s a once if a lifetime opportunity

Enjoy your College Life. 

College might be the place to get serious with your academics since your future jobs and careers depend on it significantly. However, that’s not a reason to stop enjoying your college life; instead, make many friends, attend parties, visit places, challenge yourself, and enjoy one of the greatest moments of your life.

Study or volunteer abroad

Not something that everyone can afford. But if given the opportunity to spend a semester studying abroad or a summer volunteer abroad program, take it as it’s a once if a lifetime opportunity

Prep your Resume

This will be one the main things you need when you’ve left college so that you can get a job, so why not start looking at jobs you think you might like to apply for and start prepping your resume ahead of time, so that’s is one less stress to worry about after you graduate.

Mock Interviews

Probably the last thing on you mind, but speak to you professors and see if they would be willing to conduct a practice interview with you, or speak to your career advancement center and they often hold mock interviews and sometimes even hosted by petentional employees. Might not feel like it at the time, but just think how less nervous your feel when the time comes

After reading our recommendations on the things to do before graduating college, let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed anything?

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